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Medieval Trio Tales creator, Joel Anderson, loves history. As an accomplished artist, he reflects this passion through his paintings, music, stories and animations. As a public speaker with Autism, Joel enjoys reaching out to school to help students better understand those with Autism and Special Needs. Most importantly, how easy it can be to become their friend.

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Public Speaker

Joel Anderson is a sought after and seasoned assembly speaker. Joel encourages students from kindergarten to college.  His unique perspective and direct manner captures students' attention immediately.  He explains what is feels like to have autism.  Students listen with rapt attention to his multi-sensory presentation including firsthand testimonial, interactive art, singing in unison, and narrating the books he's written and illustrated.  He is always willing to answer any questions the students may have.


Joel encourages students to make a friend by being a friend, to have courage and not be afraid of bullies, and to stick up for someone in need. Joel shares how everyone has a purpose and encourages students to follow their dream. Whether for Ability Awareness or at other times in the school year, Joel's example inspires all ages.

As an International Speaker, Joel has enjoyed being a keynote Speaker for Autism Conferences in Canada - 2012; Jiaozuo, China - July 2013; Nanjing, China - 2015 with Amity International/Joni & Friends International; The Disability Awareness Conference in California, USA -2017; and in Lima, Peru - 2017 with Miracle139 International.

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